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Printing & Stamping Machine Accessories and Attachments

Printing Accessories Machine Light

New Style Available 

Call us for details.


Item #116 -
A bright idea for every new purchase.  This flexible-arm machine light will adjust to any angle to illuminate your work surface.  Direct lighting gives a bright clear work area.  Easily installed to previously purchased equipment.

Key Benefits

Flexible Arm
Direct Lighting
Easily Installed


Stamping AccessoriesPrecision Linefinder

Item #50 -
A valuable feature for anyone doing individual name and and titles on an Album or
Book cover.  This allows the item to remain in
place on the platform while the Linefinder moves the platform in or out with a turn of the knob.

Key Benefits

Individual name & title stamping on covers

Item remains in place

A turn of the knob moves the platform


Stamping Machine Accessories Right Angle Gauges

Item #10 -
For quick and efficient setups.  A
must for multiple stamping jobs.

Key Benefits

Allows constant alignment
May be used in conjunction with
other fixtures
Quick and flexible setup
The Long Gauge bar may be used independently as a back stop


Printing & Stamping Accessories Steel Numbering Machines

Standard Designs, All Steel, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 1/2 Cicero, 6 or 7 digits in Gothic or Roman.

Special Cast Wheels
in 4 Cicero design instead of a hardened steel wheel set.

Numbering Machines
8 digits or more

Special Sequences
1 - 50 respectively 01 - 100 and repeating.

Special Engravings
For numbering of cheques like MICR, OCR and engravings for lottery tickets

Overtype high numbering machines
E.g. Barcode Numbering for figure sizes of more than 5,60 mm.


Printing & Stamping Accessories Two Way Platform

Item #52 - This piece of optional equipment is extremely handy, especially during the alignment phase of your stamping operation.  Once the item to be stamped has been "registered" and secured to the platform, the alignment can then be adjusted by moving the entire platform in or our (standard) and left or right.  This eliminates any adjustment or movement of the item itself.  Useful when stamping hard-to-get areas of large Albums or book covers.  The Kwikprint is the ONLY machine that offers this kind of adjustable platform.  Available
with Model 86, Model 86 A/A and Model 64 only.

Key Benefits

Two-way movement of this platform allows easy alignment
The only machine that offers this feature
Useful when stamping hard-to-get areas


Honey Comb Die Holder  Honey Comb Die Holder

Item #HC-Kit -
The Honey Comb Accessory is used for mounting 1/4" or Un-mount Stamping Dies. As shown here, the Honey Comb is used to mount the 1/4" brass die securely. The Honey Comb is then placed in the Kwikprint Typeholder
as you would any "type-high" mounted stamping die. This gives You the versatility of using our standard "type-high" mounted dies or un-mounted dies in your Kwikprint. The Honey Comb Kit includes the precision-machined alum. Honey Comb, 2) #1 toggle clips, 2) #2 toggle clips and
the toggle key. The size shown is 2-1/4" high x
5-1/4" wide. Custom sizes available upon request.


Mechanical Counter Mechanical Counter

Item #5770 -
A Mechanical Counter is available
for the Kwikprint Model 86-A/A machine.  This allows the operator to keep count each imprint for those jobs requiring a large number of items. The Counter may also be mounted to our Model 55
and Model 86 Manually operated units at the
factory. The Counter comes with a mounting bracket, screws and chain.



Automatic Foilfeed Attachment & AccessoriesAutomatic Foilfeed

Item #819 2" x 9" - The Automatic Foilfeed attachment allows the operator to advance the foil automatically after each imprint. The knurled bushing on the Rollfeed Housing can be turned counter-clockwise to adjust the Pull-Length of the foil. This attachment is a must for imprinting multiples of the same item.  Increases your output and reduces your foil waist to a minimum. All Kwikprints are predrilled for this attachment for ease of mounting now or later.

Also available:
Item #719, 1" x 9" and Item #319, 3" x 9"


Multiline Typeholder AccessoriesMultiline Typeholder

A must for multiple-line imprinting.  This typeholder has a series of staggered screws in each tightening jaw.  These screws hold individual lines of type in place and will eliminate tedious individual line centering during multiple line stamping.

No. 7M, 1" x 5 3/4" - No. 80M, 2" x 5 3/4"

No. 809M, 2" x 9" - No. 305M, 3" x 5 3/4"

Key Benefits

Holds Individual Line of Type
Self-centering tiltable type holder



Pencil Attachment Hold Accessories Pencil Attachment

Item #46 -
This attachment holds the pencil
secure in the precision cut groove and maintains alignment for perfect pencil imprinting.

Key Benefits

Holds pencil secure
Precision cut grove
Maintains alignment


Matchbook Attachment & AccessoriesMatchbook Attachment

Item #47 -
- The unique design of this attachment separates the matchbook cover from the matches allowing the cover to lie flat for stamping.  The adjustable side gauges enable you to maintain proper registration using various size matchbooks.

Key Benefits

Separates matches from the matchbook
Adjustable side gauges


Ribbon Guide Attachment Ribbon Guide Attachment

Item #48RG - This attachment allows you to
imprint Rolls of Wedding Ribbon 1/4" wide to 2" rolls of Award Ribbon. The adjustable guide
allows the operator to Imprint and pull almost
any width Ribbon manually through this attachment.  Two Spool attachments are
included, a 1/2" spool for the Wedding ribbon
and a 1" spool for the Award ribbon. They are
easily changed with the use of the standard screwdriver. Two allen wrenches are also
included for adjusting the Guide and installing
the attachment to the platform. For the after purchase sale, we include an installation
diagram for drilling & tapping the mounting
holes in the platform.

If you would like to request more information on our products, stamping accessories, or custom fixtures, you may visit our Request Information link by clicking the button below.

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